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ear all,


Ÿ MAR Central Banking and Financial Regulation

Ÿ PGA Career-related Learning

Ÿ PGA Organisations and Labour Markets

Ÿ PGA Working Therapeutically with Children/Young People

Ÿ PGA Critical Care: Advanced Emergency Practice

Ÿ PGA: Critical Care: Pre-hospital Special Incident Management

Ÿ MSc Economics and Data Science

Ÿ MSc Human Resource Management and Employment Relations

Ÿ MPhil/PhD Interdisciplinary Mathematics

Ÿ PhD Mathematics and Statistics

Ÿ PG Cert The Principles of Orthodontics

Ÿ PhD Interdisciplinary Studies(Joint PhD with Monash)

Ÿ MPhil/PhD, PhD Social Policy and Social Work

Ÿ MSc Clinical Applications pf Psychology

Ÿ MPhil/PhD, PhD Creative Producing and Arts Management

Ÿ MAR Theatre Studies

Ÿ MA Arts, Enterprise and Development

Ÿ MA Playwriting and Adaptation: Stage, Screen and Beyond

Ÿ PhD Open Professional Studies

Ÿ MPhil/PhD Adult Education and Lifelong Learning

Ÿ PG Cert Big Data and Digital Futures PG Cert

Ÿ MA Social Research

Ÿ MA Literary Translation Studies

Ÿ MPhil/PhD Finance and Econometrics


Ÿ MSc e-Business management

Ÿ MSc Supply Chain and Logistics Management


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